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Are you looking for an exercise program that is fun, challenging and rewarding?

That will make you feel Strong, Powerful, Beautiful & Fearless?

Welcome to Apsara Dance  

Our classes are designed to take you from Beginner level to Advanced/Professional

Our classes follow the same syllabus, created to teach every dancer in the following order:

Beginner Level 1 - You will learn the very basics of pole dancing including correct techniques for spinning, flowing, climbing, strength exercises, flexibility training

This level takes: 4-8 weeks to complete


Beginner Level 2 - More advanced Beginner moves, linking moves together, mastering spin pole combo's

This level takes: 4-8 weeks to complete


Foundation level - Intermediate level moves which include upside down tricks 

All moves in this level are the foundations we build to then complete Advanced level moves

The most important level

This level takes: 1-2 years to complete


Advanced and beyond -  You will now be a Master of all foundational moves and can now begin learning some insane tricks!

You will now have a high level of strength, have good flexibility and will be ready to start flipping, dropping and bending in new ways

Pole moves are endless, there's always a new advanced move coming out or a new combination to try

This level takes: however long you wish to pole for


What we offer

Intro to Pole 4 week course

Private Tuition

Monthly memberships

Intro to Pole: £40 per person

This 4 week course is designed for Beginners to have a taste of what pole dancing is all about

It is a small group of 4 dancers and you will work on Beginner level 1 moves

Each lesson is held on the same day and time for the 4 weeks

Who is this for? Anyone new and curious to try pole dancing

Once your 4 weeks are complete you can join our monthly membership 

Private Tuition:

1 dancer - £30 per hour

2-4 dancers - £40 per hour

Our private tuition is suitable for all levels

You can book once a week, once every two weeks, once a month; whatever suits your availability

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to progress faster through the levels

Anyone who wishes to build their confidence before joining a group class

Anyone who wishes to work specifically on nemesis tricks, flexibility, dance ability

Memberships: £40 per month

You will be placed in a class that suits your level and ability

Your class will be on the same day and time each week (unless requested to change)

Who is this for?

Anyone wishing to continue pole after your Intro to Pole 4 week course

Anyone who is new to our studio who has previous pole experience

Pay as you go: £15 per group class

If you are unable to commit to a weekly  group class we do offer pay as you go

Priority in group classes goes to monthly members, any remaining spaces will be opened up to pay as you go bookings

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms set out our business relationship between you, our customer, and us, Apsara Dance

Please read our terms in full, if you are unsure of anything please ask

By making payment you agree to our terms and will be bound by them


UPDATED: 10th March 2022

Terms: Private tuition

Price: 1:1 - £30       2:1 - £40

Duration: 1 hour

  • It is advisable to book your private lesson at least 1 week in advance

  • Payment is due upon booking, we cannot secure your space without receiving full payment

  • If you wish to rearrange/cancel, you must give a minimum of 24hrs notice so we have time to fill your space

  • If you give 24hrs notice you will receive a full refund or offered another day for your class

  • If you give less than 24hrs you will forfeit your lesson and will not receive a refund or another day for your class

Terms: Block booking private tuition

Price: £100

Duration: 4 x 1 hour lessons

  • We have a maximum of 10 block booking discounts active at one time

  • Block booking discount is for dancers who book private tuition on the same day and time each week

  • To qualify for the block booking discount you must book all 4 lessons and make payment on, or before, the 1st of each month

  • If you wish to rearrange a class you must give a minimum of 24hrs notice

  • If you give less than 24hrs notice you will forfeit that lesson

  • No lessons can be carried over to the following month

  • Once we reach full capacity we will be unable to offer you another day to rearrange - we will advise you when we reach full capacity

  • If you wish to cancel block booking for the following month, or wish to change your day, please give a minimum of 1 weeks notice

Terms: Membership

Price: £40 per month

Duration: 4 x group lessons

  • We have a maximum of 60 memberships active at one time

  • Only 4 dancers per group class

  • Memberships are for dancers committed to pole and will be renewed each month

  • You can cancel at any time and your membership will not be renewed the following month

  • Your class will be on the same day and time for the specified month

  • Payment must be received on, or before, 1st of each month

  • If you miss a lesson and we have the availability, we will offer you another day to catch up 

  • When we are at full capacity we will be unable to offer you another day for any missed classes

  • Any missed classes cannot be carried over the following month

  • If you are going to be away for a holiday etc.. if you wish to keep your space in class you must pay in full

  • Or you can give up your space and join a new class when you are back

  • Throughout the year there are 5 months that have 5 weeks, we close for 2 weeks over Xmas/New Year so that means you will get an extra 3 lessons for free (this can cover any holidays/illness)

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