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Intro to Exotic

Ladies, are you mesmerised when watching pole dancing video's by the way dancers move between tricks?

If so, our Intro to Exotic class is for you!!

In this class we focus on:

  • transitions

  • floorwork

  • attention to detail

Each choreographed routine is up to 2mins in length and you will learn how to hold yourself with power, confidence & presence, where to place your hands, how to effortlessly flick your hair, all while gliding round the pole in heels, moving to the beat & executing the most badass Exotic style movements!


What you will need for Intro to Exotic

For this class you will need:

  • Heels

  • Knee pads

  • Any outfit that makes you feel sexy

Any heels are good as you get started, however if you are ready to invest in your first pair of Stripper heels the timing of black Friday couldn't be more perfect! There are many deals online where you can grab a bargain.

I recommend the brand Pleasers (pictured) - I love them & have been dancing in them for over 17 years.

The platform and lip on the front allows you to dance 'en pointe' - which is essential for you to become a master of heel work.

There are many different things to think about when purchasing your first pair:

  • Styles: ankle boots, thigh high boots, strappy or strapless heels

  • Finish: pvc-style, suede-style, glittery or studded

  • Open or closed toe

  • Heel height: 7inches, 8inches, 9inches, 10inches

In my experience:

Ankle boots give the most support, strappy heels keep the shoes on your feet.

PVC-style grip best to the pole, if in future you want to use them for your tricks class too.

7inches is a good place to start, if you are confident wearing heels start at 8inches.

Here are some deals I've found on a quick search:

Pole Junkie (ankles boots up to 50% off!)

FM Heels (great styles in the sale section)

Alternative Footwear (not sure black Friday deals, but discount code when you sign up to newsletter)

These are not the brand Pleasers but are quite a similar shoe:

Hella Heels (50% off on the website - I can't personally vouch for them as I have never tried them however some of our ladies have pairs of them & love them)

For knee pads we love this brand Capezio - they are great value for money and are super thick for great protection for your knees

Search 'Capezio knee pads' online to purchase yours.


Our Intro to Exotic class on Wednesday 8th December, 8-9pm is now full

However we will be adding more dates for January so if you think this class is for you,

With Love,

Lisa x

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