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Latest News July 2022

Ladies & Gents,

Thank for you choosing to learn pole dance with us :)

Here's our latest shenanigans...


Intro to Pole - July

We have now reached full capacity with our group classes so there will be no new Intro to Pole 4 week course in July

We will now be operating a one in - one out system

We have a waiting list so if you wish to be the first to know when a space becomes available join our wait list by contacting us here


Apsara Dance Demonstration

We are looking for Performers!

We have been kindly asked by the Inland Waterways Association to perform a demonstration of pole dance for their Boat Gathering Festival 2022 along the canal

Of course we said yes!

We have previously performed at this gathering back in 2014 and it was such a lovely event to be a part of

Watch our demonstration in 2014 here

Would you like to perform?

This is the most friendly, chilled out atmosphere so if this is your first time performing then this is the perfect event to do so

We will have an opening act which you can be a part of, it will include doubles and acro balance moves and you can choose to perform a solo, duo or trio

Rehearsals will be in July (on a Saturday or Sunday which suits the majority) where you will learn the choreographed opening routine and you can have a chance to practice your spins, tricks, combos that you will be performing on our x-stage on the grass outside the studio

It is a family friendly event so we will stick to the strength and sporty side of pole

Rehearsals are free, we just require your time and commitment.


Apsara Day Out

One fine Saturday afternoon in April we visited Total Ninja in Manchester

We had the best time!!!

The Ninja course was tough and such good fun!

Thanks to our strength training in class we smashed most of the course, however there were a few obstacles which defeated us... we will go back again soon!

We then got to play on the inflatables course

Which was absolutely hilarious!

At one point three of us were knocked off the inflatable hill we were on and literally roly-polyed on top of each other down to the bottom.

I can't remember the last time I laughed that much!

Unfortunately we didn't get video evidence of the roly poly but we did record the absolute strength and determination of our dancers on the ninja course,

which you can view on our Insta page here



We are booking a photoshoot on Saturday 13th August 22 with the wonderful

Marie-Claire, aka, The Professional Rebel!

Marie-Claire is not only a talented photographer and a creative genius, she also has a natural way of bringing you out of your shell during your time with her to capture the essence of your soul

And she's a fellow Apsara poler so she understands the moves we are aiming for and the best angles to take

Full details on location and prices to follow in the next latest news

For now take a look at these incredible captures from our previous shoots with Marie-Claire:


Pole grip

We will always try our best to have bottles of liquid chalk available for you to use for free in the studio

However, we currently have over 70 dancers attending classes each week and as we head into sweaty season we may run out of grip more quickly

Could I please ask for you to purchase your own preferred grip and bring with you for you to use during your class?

If you are unsure of what grip or where to purchase, here are some links to some of our favourites:


Thank you all so much for choosing to learn pole with

Apsara Dance :)

See you in class!

With Love,

Lisa x

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